A rather dull Cityscape of Malaysia from a window off of the seventh floor in an office building.b612-2016-05-02-12-21-59

Although I’m 7 storeys high I can’t really feel the distance of solid ground below me.

Everything really just doesn’t seem small until I notice the highway and the cars.

I still think I’d survive a fall from up this high, given I work the physics behind it.

And given, survive means not without fatal injuries.

I spent 10 wholesome days in the land so affectionately called ‘1Malaysia’.

This is the last day I spend here.

I’ve missed many people, out of all, my little brother.

It’s been a while since I last talked to him so I worry if he is alright.

I hear my uncle’s busy employees work behind me.

And all I feel is damp air in front of me.

Travelling with Papa is one of my most fondest wishes and so I did.

But then again, travelling in of itself is one of my fondest wishes.

And so I did.

I still wonder, so far from home,

Is it okay to fall?

May 2016.


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