Memento Mori.

‘Remember, you will die.’


Jellyfish in a walk-through aquarium, Kuala Lampur City Center, Malaysia.

It is not in my good nature to scare any (if not none) of my readers. ‘Memento Mori’ is an expression personally very close to my heart. I believe this one expression alone, brings out the value and weight of human, or in general, life.

Remember, you will die.’

It sounds chilling, somehow. But I see beauty. Of all ironies the world has to offer, this has to be one of the biggest.

The fact that there is no permanence, is permanent.

This saying seems to have originated in Ancient Rome, wherein when a warrior returned home in Triumph, one would say, after all you are a man; remember death awaits all regardless.

This expression developed the concept of more than just the thought of life and death.

It heavily influenced thinkers about what awaits after. Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, or just meaningless, soulless oceans of nothingness.

Throughout the midst of these mixed emotions, it gave strength to support the idea of salvation.

Salvation, from, not death of course. Salvation from one’s lustful sins, in hopes that what awaits far, far away from the impermanent home, is forgiving. Life is forgiving. Afterlife may be forgiving. But death, is not. Death is not forgiving or liable. This is because all that has life, cannot escape lifelessness.

One needs salvation because they realize this;

‘Memento Mori’

‘Remember, Man, that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.’

June, 2016.






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