The monks are looking at the sea

Silently praying.

On colored school and stationery paper,

It was written:

“Teacher, come back soon.”

Pasted over the windows,

Of an empty classroom.

“The corridor is full of kids

It’ll be too dangerous to get out

Since the ship is tilting”

Was the last he heard of his daughter.

Woe, oh, woe.

The day when their children

Never went home.

The day they sat, waiting for help to come,

The captain walked on land

Solid, and alive.

Those classrooms are still empty.

The teachers never came back.

Siblings, children, dreams and hopes

Suffocated under those merciless waters.


The monks still stand and pray at the bay.


In dedication to the victims Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea, 16-04-2014. Remembering the children and high-schoolers who said their last words to their friends knowing not if either will survive. Rest in Peace.



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