à peu près

As a matter of fact, I am not French, neither do I identify to anything near French. I needed an excuse to look sophisticated and what better way than to throw in some French. I have an immediate need to inform you readers that I have no idea whether what I have titled so is even right or coherent to a native French speaker. Due apologies or, should I say, mes excuses.

This blog, appropriately and metaphorically called, ‘Chasing Illusions’ was made and long forgotten by a 15 year old me, 2 years ago. The only compelling reason I picked it up is partially due to the myriad of mental struggles I’ve gone through in August through December of 2016 and in January and February of 2017. If not for these, in general, I wanted to keep track of what goes on in my head and put it out there to see if I can find people who’d be interested or can relate. I must warn you, whatever goes on in my head isn’t particularly pleasant or intriguing because I know for a fact, it ranges from sunshine and happiness to all the way to suicide and self-harm.

As a person with a lot of self-doubt, social anxiety, paranoia and depression, what I think and relate to are not always cheery or interesting.

However, this blog, if not just project what I ponder, I hope, it will help me and a few people out there on the inter-webs explore what these thoughts may mean or if there is any point at all, to them.

I hope you find haven in my words.



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